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Samsung Dryer is Noisy: Common Causes, Troubleshooting and DIY Solutions

If you have a Samsung dryer, you may have experienced the frustration of strange noises coming from it. These noises can be annoying and sometimes indicate a more significant issue.

In this article, we will explore the different types of noises your Samsung dryer may make, their common causes, troubleshooting and DIY solutions, when to seek professional help, and how to prevent such noises in the future.

Common Causes of Noises in Samsung Dryers

There are several common problems behind dryer noises. These include worn-out belts, faulty idler pulleys, malfunctioning bearings, loose or damaged parts, and even improper installation. Understanding these causes will help you narrow down the problem and find the most effective solution.

Identifying Different Types of Noises and DIY Solutions

When your Samsung dryer starts making noises, it is essential to identify the specific type of noise to determine the underlying issue and to understand which dryer parts should be checked first.

Some common noises include squealing, squeaking, grinding, rattling, and loud rumbling. By understanding the various sounds, you can better troubleshoot and find a solution.

  1. Squealing or Squeaking: These high-pitched sounds often suggest an issue with the dryer’s belt or rollers. Tighten any loose components. A worn-out belt or damaged rollers may need replacement.
  2. Grinding: A grinding noise could be a sign of trouble with the dryer’s motor or other moving parts. It’s advisable to check the motor and other components for wear or damage. If you identify issues with the motor or bearings, replacement is often necessary. Consult with an appliance repair professional – TechVill, and we will help you to do it.
  3. Rattling: Loose items or debris inside the dryer can cause a rattling noise. Inspect the drum and surrounding areas for any foreign objects that may be causing the sound. Remove it, tighten loose screws, and secure loose components.
  4. Loud Rumbling: This deeper, rumbling noise might indicate a problem with the dryer’s blower wheel or housing. It’s essential to inspect these components for damage or obstruction. To replace a damaged blower wheel or motor, seek professional assistance.

Understanding the noises made by your Samsung dryer is essential for prompt and effective troubleshooting. By identifying the specific type of noise and its common causes, you can determine if DIY solutions are appropriate or if professional help is required.

While DIY solutions can be effective, there may be instances when professional help is necessary. If you notice the signs that indicate a more severe problem in your Samsung dryer, it is best to leave the repairs to certified technicians. Seeking professional help ensures the safety and longevity of your appliance.

Where to Seek Professional Help

At TechVill, we understand the frustration caused by a noisy Samsung dryer. As an appliance repair service provider in Calgary, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer reliable solutions for various brands, including Samsung. Our certified technicians have extensive experience in handling dryer repairs and can quickly diagnose and resolve the noise issue.

With a focus on transparency and clear communication, TechVill offers services with a service warranty. As a small business that cares, we provide personalized service and strive for lasting results.

Whether it’s a squealing belt, a rattling noise, or a loud grinding sound, our certified journeyman technicians are equipped to handle all types of Samsung appliance repairs. We also provide valuable advice on maintaining and choosing robust household appliances.

If you are experiencing any noise-related issues with your Samsung dryer in Calgary or surrounding areas, such as Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane, Canmore, or Okotoks, don’t hesitate to contact TechVill. Our prompt and professional technicians will ensure your Samsung dryer operates smoothly and quietly once again.

Call us by this phone number (587) 316-8169 to receive top service!

FAQs About Noisy Samsung Dryer

To prevent noises in your Samsung dryer, it’s crucial to establish a routine of regular maintenance. Clean the lint trap after each use and inspect ventilation ducts to ensure proper airflow.

Before starting a cycle, check for loose items in the drum to avoid rattling or banging noises. Maintain balanced loads to prevent excessive vibrations, and periodically inspect and tighten screws and bolts.

Regularly check the dryer belt for wear and lubricate drum rollers if applicable. Schedule professional maintenance annually to have internal components inspected. 

To determine if the noise is coming from the drum or motor of your Samsung dryer, you can perform a simple diagnostic.

Start by running the dryer with an empty load. If the noise is present during the initial moments of the cycle, it’s likely related to the motor.

However, if the noise becomes more noticeable as the cycle progresses, particularly during the spinning or tumbling phase, it’s more likely associated with the drum. 

Yes, running the dryer on certain settings, such as high heat or extended drying times, can be one of the reasons which contribute to increased noise levels, especially if the appliance is overloaded with a large load.

Overloading may strain the motor and other components, leading to louder operation. To minimize noise level, ensure that the load is evenly distributed, avoid overloading, and use appropriate heat settings. 

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