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We found honest and professional specialist in their fields and put them all together into the team to reach our main goal – provide you a better service.

Appliance repair is a pretty simple job. It isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s simple: diagnose the machine, determine if it can be repaired easily or if something more complex is required (functional part replacement, electronic board repair, etc.), and let the customer know their options.

Many technicians we have seen are dishonest, trying to make smaller repairs bigger than they are so they can charge more. This hurts us because it hurts you, sowing the seeds of distrust and making people wary of calling help when they need it. We want to differentiate our business from those types of practices.

By being honest and truthful, our hope is that we will earn our customers trust and that they will recommend us to their friends and family.

We, at TechVill Appliance repair services, make sure the repair of home appliances is done quickly and efficiently. Our experts work round the clock to provide our services all over the Calgary, Okotoks, Cochrane, Chestermere and Canmore.

Thank you very much for considering us for your appliance repair needs. We promise to work hard and do right by you. It is our sincere wish that after a repair you don’t call us for a long time… that means that we did the job right!

Sincerely, TechVill Appliance repair services

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