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Cooktop Repair in Calgary

TechVill is Your First Choice for Cooktop Repair in Calgary

If your cooktop is on the fritz in Calgary, trust TechVill for reliable and efficient repair services. Backed by stellar ratings and customer testimonials, our team includes some of the country’s finest Journeyman technicians and knowledgeable customer service representatives. When you book with us, expect punctual and prepared technicians carrying all necessary parts and tools for the job. Our cooktop repair experts will diagnose the issue, discuss the repair scope, and with your approval, restore your cooktop to perfect working order in no time. 

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We Repair All Types of Cooktops

TechVill will get your cooktop back to cooking perfection! No matter the brand—whether it’s KitchenAid, GE, Samsung, or any other—we handle them all. Our professionals are well-acquainted with products from manufacturers worldwide. 

TechVill Offers Cooktop Repair Services For These Brands:

Features and Benefits

Highly Skilled Technicians

Our technicians combine the latest methods, instruments, and their extensive experience to provide fast and efficient services. 

Integrity and Transparency

Our technicians wear body cameras, ensuring the highest quality services. High-end manufacturers trust us for their warranty services. 

Full Warranty Coverage

We offer up to 12 months warranty on parts and labor. In the rare event that something goes wrong, we’ll fix it free of charge (which occurs in less than 2% of cases).

Certified and Insured Repairs

As a fully certified and licensed company, we ensure that our Journeyman technicians have all the necessary documents, permits, and licenses, which is quite rare in the industry.

Dependable Service

With five years of experience, we are a small business growing solely through exceptional service and returning clients. Our goal is to continue delivering outstanding services for at least the next 50 years. 

Competitive Pricing

We offer reasonable prices while maintaining fair wages for our employees and using original, high-quality parts. This means you receive the best value for your money when investing in our services. 

Common Cooktop Issues

We can repair common faults with cooktops whether you have an electric or gas cooktop. Check out our Gas Cooktop Repair Services Calgary and Electric Cooktop Repair Services Calgary.

  • Faulty Hotplates
  • Circuit trips when power on
  • Top glass is cracked
  • Cooktop does not turn on
  • And everything else, too!

Gas Cooktop Problems

  • Ignition spark will not turn off
  • Can smell gas
  • Gas knob jammed
  • Burner not igniting

Customer Reviews

Based on 382 reviews
Kathleen Tamon
Kathleen Tamon
Edit: Im glad one of the staff members of customer service phoned me and made all the arrangements. I appreciate the apology and fixing it after. After the parts were delivered, they scheduled right away for a tech to repair our fridge. . I had high expectation from this company from reading the reviews. BUT, there was no proper communication from the parts dept to sales department to their technician! It has been 2 weeks with BROKEN FRIDGE and no UPDATE from them at ALL! Keep passing me from one dept to another department. Just frustrating. I had repair done from other companies within the SAME day it was done. For them, if I haven’t followed up, I wont receive any update. Slow service!
Andrew Sikomas
Andrew Sikomas
Prompt/on-time, friendly, transparent, high quality. A little on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for. Would use again.
samuel pandya
samuel pandya
Genuinely a Professional Service Provider Thank you for your service
Karen Badenhorst
Karen Badenhorst
Great experience as always. Techvill responded quickly. Boris arrived at the designated time and was able to diagnose and repair my washer with no mess left.
Lee Jensen
Lee Jensen
Awesome service. Great price....
Florence Yip
Florence Yip
I ordered parts for my rental's dryer in December, 2023 and they advised the parts will arrive within 8-10 weeks as they are special orders but unfortunately, the shipment was delayed and the parts were not received after 3 months of waiting, so I have to request for refund. They refunded the prepaid amount without delays even though I was not very happy with the delays but I guess they have done the best they could.....
Bill Oliver
Bill Oliver
Arrived earlier than the scheduled appointment time. Very efficient with diagnosis and repaired the dishwater quickly. Very courteous and knowledgeable. A very good total experience and would recommend them.
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Same-Day Cooktop Repair Near You

TechVill provides professional same day cooktop repair services that will leave you cooking your own food in no time!

Don’t wait around all week for your technician to come by. Who even has time for that these days anyways? Modern life moves at a fast pace, and we’re all doing our best to keep up. You have a job to maintain, social life to enjoy and possibly a family to feed. So you need your cooktop fully operational. What other options do you have? While you could order food, it’s not a long term solution. And it can quickly become expensive and unhealthy. That’s where our same day cooktop repair services come in!

At TechVill, we have all of the necessary tools, equipment, and professional insights to provide a seamless same day cooktop repair service. In other words, you can count on our technician to complete your cooktop repair within a few hours. At TechVill, helping you get the most out of your appliance is simply a part of what we do. Because your satisfaction means a lot to us.

So for quality same day cooktop repair services that are fast, reliable and affordable, give us a call today!

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Trust TechVill for Quality Cooktop Repair

A cooktop is one of the most convenient and reliable appliances in your kitchen. And it may surprise you, but it is also one of the more intricate appliances to repair once it breaks down. Instead of trying to fix it yourself, take the guesswork out and hire us at TechVill Appliance Cooktop Repair Calgary. Our cooktop repair services are well known throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas. And, our personnel are the most experienced and have training in the maintenance and repair of all brands of cooktops. One of the most common issues that occur with an electric cooktop is due to problems with heat regulation. A fix for this issue usually involves inspecting and adjusting a malfunctioning switch. This controls the amount of heat on the cooktop. If this is your problem, turn off the cooktop’s circuit breaker and contact us for fast and reliable cooktop repair services. 

Electric Cooktop Repairs Calgary

There are two main types of electric stoves: Open Top and Ceramic Top. Open top models are usually significantly cheaper, as their construction is much cheaper. The heating element is usually exposed, and is usually either a metal coil or a hotplate. Because the contact between the element and the pot is direct, this model heats up relatively quickly, and is pretty energy efficient. On the other hand, this option is also much harder to clean, especially if liquids spill on the cooking surface and burns. The hotplate or coil can easily get very dirty or oily, and requires some effort to wash. The other option is a ceramic top model. These models cover the heating elements with a smooth ceramic surface, making cleaning much easier. The flat surface is also convertible to countertop space when the surface is not being used for cooking. Also, the smooth aesthetic of these models appeal to many homeowners who are concerned about the looks of their kitchen. We provide professional Open cooktop and Ceramic cooktop repairs in Calgary and surrounding area. 

Gas Cooktop Repairs Calgary

Renowned for its exceptionally quick response times and excellent control, gas remains a great cooking option. It offers great versatility too – giving you low heat if you’re looking to bring sauce to a simmer, while also giving you intense heat if you want to bring something to a boil.

Just as importantly, gas flames provide beautifully even heat across the base of cookware, including woks and those with rounded bottoms.

And, of course, that flame provides the immediate visual feedback – when you raise or lower the temperature – that makes for such an enjoyably intuitive and responsive cooking experience.

The exceptional durability of these appliances should also be mentioned: the metal components of burners are much tougher than ceramic cooktops.

With so many different models and cooking options, our cooktop repair technicians are able to fix your appliances quickly and cost effectively in the convenience of your own home. 

Cooktop Repair Services

Only Certified Journeyman Technicians

We hire only certified Journeyman technicians. That way, you can rest assured, knowing that you have an experienced repairperson handling your expensive cooktop. Our repair people also regularly update their skill set to keep abreast of new technologies and techniques in the appliance repair industry. One issue we see a lot is a cracked cooktop cover. Due to frequent cooling and heating, modern cooktops that come with a glass or porcelain top are susceptible to cracking. This can occur if you pour cold water on the top when hot or drop heavy items like a pot full of water on the top. If your cooktop has cracked, unplug it, and then get in touch with our customer care team. They are ready to dispatch one of our certified Journeyman technicians to your home. We will show up with the necessary parts and tools to complete the repair swiftly and efficiently. 

Appliance Repairs You Can Count On

We know our way around household appliances which is why we are proud to offer our customers service warranties to protect your investment. however

  • Up to 90 day workmanship warranty
  • Up to 1 year parts warranty
  • Repaired Right Guarantee!

We save you time by coming out to you so you can get your appliance back to working order again asap. Moreover, with bargaining power we can also save you money on spare parts or extra accessories. Before inviting us into your home or business, meet the technicians at TechVill Appliance Repair Services. Furthermore, all of our expert technicians are fully trained and qualified to give you the best repair service. Learn more about us.

Meet Our Technicians

We save you time by coming out to you so you can get your appliance back to working order again asap. Moreover, with bargaining power we can also save you money on spare parts or extra accessories. Before inviting us into your home or business, meet the technicians at TechVill Appliance Repair Services. Furthermore, all of our expert technicians are fully trained and qualified to give you the best repair service. Learn more about us. 

Cooktop Repair Services

When To Replace Or Repair Your Cooktop?

Whether you are making brunch or hosting a dinner, your cooktop is constantly used. And when something goes wrong, you must decide when to replace or repair your cooktop. The cost is usually the first thing that people consider. Cooktops are not cheap, and spending money on one can be cringe-worthy. Buying and installing a new cooktop can be a challenging process financially. But the good news is that unless your cooktop is over 15 years old, it is most likely better to repair than replace it. Fixing it is easily more affordable, and our rates at Techvill Appliance Cooktop Repair Calgary are wallet-friendly. However, if your cooktop is over 15 years old, it is time to consider purchasing a new one. Newer models are more energy-efficient and save you more money in the long run. Also, the good news is we can help install it for a great price. 

Emergency Cooktop Repair Calgary

Emergency Cooktop Repair Calgary

TechVill also offers speedy emergency repair services. We’ll be working on your machine within the hour.

Do you have an emergency on your hands? To be clear, you don’t have to wait till your kitchen is on fire to call. Emergencies – at least in the context of appliance repair – are relative things. That is to say, it really depends on what you deem an emergency. For instance, some people don’t mind waiting to fix their cooktop, while others can live without it. And at TechVill, we’ve designed our services to suit your needs. With our emergency cooktop repair services, our technician will be working on your appliance within the hour.

Thanks to our commercial vehicles, we have all of the necessary tools, equipment, and even quality spare parts on hand. So we can complete your emergency cooktop repair service in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, we take a systematic approach to every job we take. So we’ll quickly diagnose your machine and come up with the best, most cost effective solution.

So for professional emergency cooktop repair services that will leave your machine working like new at a price that you can afford – give us a call today. 

We Serve Calgary And The Surrounding Areas

At Techville Appliance Cooktop Repair, we serve Calgary and the surrounding areas. We are ready to meet all your cooktop repair needs. This appliance is essential to the household. It can not only heat yesterday’s leftovers, but it can also cook up new dishes. Until your cooktop starts malfunctioning, you do not understand the impact it can have on your daily routine. That’s why, at Techvill Appliance Cooktop Repair Calgary, we aim to ensure that a faulty cooktop does not become a more significant issue. Doing regular maintenance on your appliances can save you from having major problems down the road. So be sure to service your cooktop once every year to two years. Our maintenance and repair specialists have years of experience and can quickly identify the cause behind your broken cooktop. They will eliminate the problem as soon as possible while maintaining our quality of service. 

Full Warranty On Parts & Labour

One of the best features of working with us at Techvill Appliance Cooktop Repair Calgary is that we have a full warranty on parts & labour. If the same issue arises, we will quickly be there to complete the repair. Our guarantee ensures we will be there for you, so you do not have to stress over the matter. There are no additional costs or hidden fees, just quality customer service. Our team has played a major role in making our company grow and succeed. For instance, our customer care team can provide helpful advice on what you should do before we come and fix your broken cooktop. They may advise you to unplug the device or turn off the cooktop’s circuit breaker. And then, due to the diligence of our personable and knowledgeable repair people, we have helped thousands of people with their cooktops, saving them money and time. 

Trust a Small Business That Cares

We’re not a large multinational corporation. We’re a small business in your neighbourhood!

There’s a reason we’re the go-to appliance repair choice in Calgary. Our team is one of the most trained and skilled out there. We offer mobile and emergency services that suit our customer’s schedules, and we care about their needs. With a small business like ours, you get all the personal service you just don’t find with the big guys. We’re your neighbors. So, we’re always ready to help!

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the reviews of our previous clients to see how we handle everything – from appointments to repairs. Thanks to them, we continue to improve our service to serve you better! The fact is, we’ve been in business for a long time and our exceptional customer service has earned the loyalty of our clients. Our customers keep coming back, time and again, whether it be for a refrigerator repair or a simple diagnosis of a malfunctioning kitchen appliance. We’re their first choice for appliance repairs, and we want to be yours too. So, give us a call. Let’s talk about various ways we can meet your needs.

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Cooktop Maintenance Tips

Regularly monitor the refrigerator and freezer temperatures. The ideal fridge temperature is around 37°F (3°C), while the freezer should be set to 0°F (-18°C). Use an appliance thermometer for accurate readings. 

Dust and debris on the refrigerator coils can lead to inefficiency. Every six months, unplug the refrigerator and gently vacuum or brush the coils to keep them clean and ensure optimal performance. 

A tight seal is crucial for energy efficiency. Check the rubber gaskets around the refrigerator and freezer doors regularly. If you notice any gaps or tears, replace the seals to maintain proper insulation. 

Wipe down the interior surfaces, shelves, and drawers with a mild detergent. Remove any spills promptly to prevent odors and maintain a hygienic environment for your food. 

If your freezer isn’t frost-free, make sure to defrost it regularly. Excess frost buildup can decrease efficiency. Empty the freezer, turn it off, and let it thaw completely. Wipe away any remaining moisture before turning it back on. 

If your refrigerator has a water and ice dispenser, replace the water filter as recommended by the manufacturer. This ensures clean and fresh-tasting water, as well as optimal ice production. 

The condenser fan circulates air over the coils. Regularly check the fan blades for any obstructions or buildup of debris. A clean and unobstructed fan ensures efficient heat dissipation. 


Yes! Often, a malfunctioning fridge can easily be repaired for significantly less than buying a new one.

The control board is the most expensive part to fix on a fridge.

It can be as easy as keeping an eye on it. For instance, if you notice your food is going bad sooner or it’s making odd sounds that it didn’t use to, it’s a good idea to have a professional take a look. 

A little research goes a long way. Take the time to see which companies are in the area, check out reviews, and reach out to them to ask about pricing. 

Firstly, don’t overload it. Make sure that all the components such as the vent have adequate space to function properly. Regular maintenance will also keep it working smoother for longer. 

Customer Reviews

I contacted Techvill company when my fridge stoped working. The technician Boris helped to bring it back to life fast and was very polite. Will use this company again and will recommend to all my friends. 

Alex Sazanovitch in Calgary
Samsung Fridge Repair

The WON technician was very polite, well done you guys))))
Thank you! It’s not the first time I’ve ordered a repair and forgot to write a review) 

Roman in Toronto
Thank You For The Quick Washing Machine Repair

Evan did a fantastic repair. Over the top technical experience and professional. I totally will use Evan for all my repairs. 

SusanA in Calgary
Dishwasher Repair

They came out on the day that I called them-very rare these days. They confirmed that they were coning 20 minutes before they arrived.. They properly fixed the problem and took the time to explain what the problem was. Excellent service, highly recommended. 

Ron in Toronto
Ice Maker Repair

A few months ago my fridge stopped working. Andrii came out and diagnosed the problem however the part needed was out of stock. He managed to get the ice off the fan and my fridge worked again for about 3 months. Yesterday, my fridge had died and I called Techville to ask about the part required. Carrie was amazing, she had sent multiple emails on my behalf and yesterday she emailed Samsung and they had the part in stock. I requested that Andrii complete the work (as he had been fantastic during the first service appointment and he was honest and knowledgeable). He arrived this morning and 90 minutes later my fridge was once again working. I initially didn’t know who to call but Andrii and Carrie did outstanding work and I would refer them to anyone looking for quick, quality, knowledgeable and professional work. Absolutely outstanding. 

Outstanding Service in Calgary
Samsung Double Cooling Plus Fridge

My Samsung fridge had a water leak in the fridge compartment behind the crisper which would freeze into a ball of ice. From calling Techvill the service from the receptionist Terry, to the technician
, Junhee, was exceptional, polite and helpful. Immediate service with an appointment for the next day. Junhee arrived, knew exactly what the problem was and fixed it immediately, didn’t have to make another appointment to come back. He advised that if this starts to leak again he’d have to replace another component and he now has the information to order the part so I would not have to pay for another assessment callback. I would definitely recommend this company. 

Private User in Calgary
The Best Service Anyone Can Have!

I’ve had them twice to service two different problems ( both known now to be endemic with Samsung fridge design flaws) . Both technicians were very knowledgeable, and didnt try to upsell me, and were just really nice guys!!! Their service call fees are very reasonable, too! 

Laurie M in Calgary
SAMSUNG Fridge Issues

My over-the-range microwave oven died 3 weeks, 12 hours and 22 minutes ago (as of Friday). But who’s counting?! I was, because ‘the struggle is real’ without a microwave. I purchased a new microwave of as close-to the exact, same model (and was the exact same size) as the old microwave, just to facilitate a smoother exchange of appliances. I would recommend doing this because it was a BIG help in the process – venting, bracket, etc. already there and in the right places, right sizes, etc. But major kudos to John, from Techvill. Definitely knows what he’s doing, explained things as he went and even sings while he works, ha ha. (I covered the swearing for both of us – not that there was much of it because as I say, it went really quite smoothly.) In under an hour, John had the old one out and the new one in. We tested it BEFORE doing final tightenings, etc. – very proactive because you Just Never Know if you might have to take it down and return it. The cost was MOST reasonable and FAR cheaper than another co. that gave me a quote. Skilled, efficient, economical and most pleasant – could not ask for more. I highly recommend Techvill Appliance Repair. Thanks so much, John! 

Private User in Calgary
Microwave Replacement - Fantastic!

My experience with this company was phenomenal. They called back quickly, arrived early, were very courteous, quickly found the problem and advised whether it was worthwhile fixing (as it was a countertop dishwasher). The technician spent quite a while fixing the dishwasher but didn’t charge a fortune. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with their service. 

Erika in Calgary
Dishwasher Repair

Customer Reviews

Alan completed the service quickly & professionally. He was punctual and arrived on time. I would recommend Techvill to friends and family if they ever need repair services. 

Ken Lee in Calgary
Cooktop repair

Nicholas was made available within 2 hrs from phone appointment. Very professional, courteous, very prompt, and was able to connect cooktop quickly. He even had to go out for a part! Will most definitely use this company again.6 stars! 

Big Banana in Calgary
Cooktop repair

Alan showed up to our home on time, he was friendly and competent and he gave me options. He wasn’t pushy or trying to sell me anything I didn’t need. I highly recommend Alan and Techvill. Outstanding service! 

Heather m in Calgary
Cooktop repair

Second time using this company for an appliance repair, and they make it seamless. It’s annoying enough when an appliance goes, but having an easy to deal with professional company helps when it happens. 

Robert Burstall in Calgary
Cooktop repair

Same day service by a knowledgeable technician. I would highly recommend this company for your appliance repair work.

Thank you TechVill 

Hannah Liang in Calgary
Cooktop repair

Allan was friendly and quick. Was able to fix our oven in less than an hour 

Karisa Gaul in Calgary
Cooktop repair

Evan came to repair our oven. He was very prompt and polite. We would recommend him to anyone. 

Bev Thomas in Calgary
Cooktop repair

Wow John fixed my oven so fast and it works perfectly!
I had a great experience! 5 stars! 

Ryan Alexander 2017 in Calgary
Cooktop repair

Alan from Techvill was an amazing technician. Smart, professional, skilled and honest. 

Daniel Collins in Calgary
Cooktop repair

Both the receptionist, Vida, and the repairman, Won, were polite, understanding and professional. I appreciate their understanding of my problem. 

USAN YOUNG in Calgary
Cooktop repair

Alan was wonderfully helpful and super efficient. Thanks! 

Jessica in Calgary
Cooktop repair

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