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TechVill Offers Expert Commercial Pizza Oven Repair Services In Calgary, Specializing In Maintaining And Repairing Commercial Pizza Ovens To Keep Your Bussiness Running Efficiently.

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Professional Pizza Oven Repair Services in Calgary

At TechVill Appliance Repair, we specialize in delivering expert repair services for all types of pizza ovens in Calgary. Our experienced technicians are adept at handling a wide spectrum of pizza oven issues, from heating inconsistencies to door seal problems. Recognizing the critical role that pizza ovens play in your culinary endeavors, we offer quick, reliable repair solutions to ensure your kitchen continues to operate efficiently. Whether you’re facing challenges with temperature control, burner issues, or anything in between, our team is prepared to restore your pizza oven to perfect working condition.

  • Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens
  • Gas Pizza Ovens
  • Electric Pizza Ovens
  • Conveyor Pizza Ovens
  • Deck Pizza Ovens
  • Brick Pizza Ovens
  • Countertop Pizza Ovens
  • Convection Pizza Ovens

Why Choose Our Commercial Appliance Repair Service?

At TechVill, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient commercial appliance repair services for your business. Choosing us you will have:


We offer up to 12 months warranty on parts and labor. In the rare event that something goes wrong, we’ll fix it free of charge (which occurs in less than 2% of cases). 

Licensed services​

As a fully certified and licensed company, we ensure that our Journeyman technicians have all the necessary documents, permits, and licenses, which is quite rare in the industry. 

Trustworthy business

With five years of experience, we are a small business growing solely through exceptional service and returning clients. Our goal is to continue delivering outstanding services for at least the next 50 years. 

Fair prices

We offer reasonable prices while maintaining fair wages for our employees and using original, high-quality parts. This means you receive the best value for your money when investing in our services. 

Honesty comes first

Our technicians wear body cameras, ensuring the highest quality services. High-end manufacturers trust us for their warranty services. 

Top-notch technicians

Our technicians combine the latest methods, instruments, and their extensive experience to provide fast and efficient services. 

Why Trust TechVill Appliance Repair

At home or in an office or rental unit, your pizza oven is one of the most important appliances you own, right along with crucial kitchen appliances. It keeps your food fresh and accessible.

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Reviews of our customers

Based on 413 reviews
Bill Webb
Bill Webb
excellent service
Olga Pas.
Olga Pas.
Fast, courteous and reliable appliance repair company in Calgary.
Игорь Лопата
Игорь Лопата
Awesome experience. They fixed my Miele appliances right same day. Best appliance repair service in Calgary.
Wendy Thatcher
Wendy Thatcher
After searching for over a year to find a company serving the Bow Valley, ìt was amazing to learn about TechVill and the frequency they come out to the BV. The technician called to let me know that he was running late, which was appreciated and then confirmed when he was on his way. Again, simple tenets of good customer service. John, the technician was prepared with the potential parts when he arrived and started at the simplest, least expensive fixes and leveled up to resolve the issue. He communicated throughout the service and let me know and decide what was happening. These are basic components of quality customer service but frankly the exception and not the rule, in my experience. Highly recommend and will definitely use Techvill and will refer to others. 5 🌟
Brent McIver
Brent McIver
Great service. Andre was very knowledgeable and helpful. We received fast and friendly service. Very happy customers. It was very expensive though.
We have a hood fan dow in our restaurant then Manuel Ochoa from Techvill appliance repair, came up and fixed in one day, some recommend Techvill appliance repair and Manuel who does perform a great repair using his talent and skills.
Richard Frank
Richard Frank
Excellent Service! I had a trouble to diagnose repair with my fridge and was only charged for my initial visit. Alex was helpful, polite, and easy to work with. TechVille will be my go-to appliance repair service.

All-Brand Pizza Oven Repairs by TechVill

True Manufacturing
Turbo Air

Arctic Air
Continental Refrigerator
Atosa USA 

Summit Appliance
Avantco Refrigeration
Kelvinator Commercial

Victory Refrigeration
Williams Refrigeration
Foster Refrigerator 

Metalfrio Solutions
Federal Industries
Frigidaire Commercial
Electrolux Professional 

Our Certified Specialists

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Why Choose TechVill Appliance Repair Ltd.

Common Pizza Oven Issues

  • Uneven Heating or Hot Spots
  • Burner Ignition Problems
  • Door Seal Deterioration
  • Excessive Smoke or Unusual Odors
  • Control Panel Malfunctions
  • Stone Cracking or Damage
  • Gas Leak Concerns (for gas pizza ovens)
  • Electrical Issues (for electric pizza ovens)

Common Malfunctions That Can Occur With Commercial Pizza Oven Equipment:

  • Oven not reaching the desired temperature or overheating, affecting pizza quality.
  • Uneven heat distribution, leading to inconsistently cooked pizzas.
  • Door seal issues, causing heat loss and energy inefficiency.
  • Malfunctioning thermostats or temperature controls, resulting in undercooked or burnt pizzas.
  • Conveyor belt issues in conveyor pizza ovens, affecting cooking time and pizza quality.
  • Electrical problems, such as short circuits or faulty wiring, in electric pizza ovens.
  • Gas leaks or ignition problems in gas pizza ovens, posing safety risks and operational issues.
  • Cracks or damage to the oven’s interior or exterior, impacting heat retention and oven efficiency.
  • Issues with the pizza oven’s stone or cooking surface, affecting the bottom crust of pizzas.
  • Control panel or digital display malfunctions, hindering operation adjustments and monitoring.
  • Inconsistent flame sizes or burner issues in gas-fired pizza ovens.
  • Wear and tear on moving parts, such as doors or conveyor mechanisms.
  • Smoke control or excess smoke production, especially in wood-fired pizza ovens.
  • Ventilation or exhaust problems, leading to poor air quality or excessive heat.

Addressing these issues promptly with professional maintenance and repair from TechVill appliance repair can help prevent further damage and extend the life of pizza oven equipment. 

Our Service Areas in Calgary Metropolitan Region

Our pizza oven repair services are available at competitive rates throughout Calgary and the neighboring regions. We proudly serve the following cities:

Pizza oven Repair in

In Airdrie, our certified technicians make pizza oven repair straightforward and stress-free, delivering quality service quickly.

Pizza oven Repair in

For expert pizza oven repair in Banff, trust our industry professionals who have a wealth of experience with a variety of refrigerator brands and models. 

Pizza oven Repair in

Need quick pizza oven repair in Cochrane? Our team is ready to provide rapid same-day service to address your repair needs efficiently. 

Pizza oven Repair in

In Okotoks, we offer swift and professional pizza oven repair services at competitive rates, ensuring your equipment is back in action when you need it. 

Pizza oven Repair in

Choose Chestermere’s skilled and dependable pizza oven repair experts. Our certified professionals bring extensive experience to every job.

Pizza oven Repair in

Secure top-notch pizza oven repair in Banff with our seasoned industry experts, adept at servicing a wide array of refrigerator brands and models. 

Pizza oven Repair in

Maintain seamless food storage and business operations with our specialized pizza oven repair services in Canmore. 

Pizza oven Repair in
High River

Facing pizza oven issues in High River? Our experienced technicians provide top-tier pizza oven repair services at wallet-friendly prices. 

Pizza oven Repair in
Bragg Creek

For outstanding pizza oven repair in Bragg Creek, rely on our dedicated team committed to delivering quality solutions for your business. 

Expert Repair for Retail & Grocery Store Pizza Oven in Calgary and Beyond

Faced with frustration from unreliable local repair services for your pizza oven in Calgary? Look no further – TechVill Appliance Repair is here to restore your confidence. Our adept technicians are on standby to address your pizza oven problems promptly, no matter your location within Calgary. They come prepared with the necessary tools and components to expedite repairs and swiftly bring your pizza oven back to optimal functioning.

We understand that commercial pizza ovens represent a significant investment for any business, and downtime can be a major inconvenience. Rely on our expertise for quick and accurate repairs, ensuring your operations resume without a hitch. Specializing in servicing retail and grocery store pizza oven, we offer dedicated repair services throughout Calgary and its neighboring areas. Our mission is to deliver speedy repairs, safeguarding the integrity of your pizza oven’s contents. Reach out for a complimentary estimate on pizza oven repairs in Calgary today! 

TechVill technician Max

Certified Red Seal Pizza Oven Repair Technicians in Calgary

Discovering that your pizza oven isn’t working can be a major setback. However, with TechVill Appliance Repair, you have access to Calgary’s certified Red Seal technicians who are just a call away for fast and efficient repairs. Our seasoned experts have the know-how to diagnose and fix your pizza oven issues promptly, from simple fuse replacements to more intricate servicing.

Additionally, our team is committed to punctuality, arriving fully equipped to deliver top-tier workmanship and high-quality pizza oven repairs. We recognize the inconvenience and potential losses caused by pizza oven malfunctions, including spoiled food. That’s why we offer same-day service at competitive rates to get your pizza oven up and running without delay. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of pizza ovens types, including walk-in, reach-in, and undercounter models.

Don’t compromise your inventory or business operations. Reach out to us for dependable pizza oven repair services in Calgary and its surrounding areas, and ensure your food stays fresh and your business thrives.

TechVill in the press

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Commercial Freezer Maintenance Tips

The duration of a commercial appliance repair depends on the complexity of the issue. Our technicians strive to complete repairs as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. 

TechVill prioritizes quick repairs and offers same-day or next-day service whenever possible. Contact us for availability and scheduling. 

Yes, our certified technicians have the expertise to repair all major commercial appliance brands. Whether you have Amana, Bosch, LG, Samsung, or any other leading brand, we can handle it. 

Great TechVill team

We service 60% of all property management companies in the city

At home or in an office or rental unit, your pizza oven is one of the most important appliances you own, right along with crucial kitchen appliances. It keeps your food fresh and accessible. When they’re not working properly, things go bad quickly. Literally and figuratively! Which is why we have technicians on call, ready to come to take a look and fix them fast. Same day/next day repairs are also available upon request throughout Calgary and surrounding areas. If you have a refrigeration problem or a broken microwave, just give us a call and we can discuss the solution with you. We have a lot of experience working with various makes and models. 

Pizza Oven Repair FAQ

Inconsistent heating or noticeable hot spots

Difficulties in igniting the burner

Smoke excess or strange smells

Control panel not functioning correctly

Cracks or damage to the cooking surface

For gas ovens: signs of a gas leak

It is generally not recommended to undertake DIY repairs on pizza ovens, particularly if you lack the necessary skills. Improper repairs can lead to safety hazards, further damage, or warranty voidance. Engaging a professional repair service is advisable.

To maintain its performance and longevity, a pizza oven should undergo professional servicing at least annually, though high-use environments might necessitate more frequent maintenance.

Uneven heating can result from various issues, including burner malfunctions or stone damage. It’s important to turn off the oven and consult with a professional to diagnose and address the problem.

Regular cleaning is essential for optimal operation. Ensure the oven is cool before cleaning. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning guidelines, using appropriate cleaners to avoid damage.

With proper care and prompt repairs, a pizza oven can serve effectively for many years. While the lifespan varies by use and model, well-maintained ovens can last over a decade.

Neglecting small problems can escalate into major concerns, potentially resulting in costly repairs or safety risks. Addressing issues promptly can prevent more severe complications.

Yes, electrical issues in pizza ovens can create fire hazards. If you encounter any electrical anomalies, shut down the oven immediately and seek professional assistance.

If you smell gas around a gas-fired pizza oven, act immediately. Shut off the gas, vacate the area, and call for emergency help or a professional repair service. Do not attempt to fix gas-related issues yourself.

Customer Reviews

I’ve had them twice to service two different problems ( both known now to be endemic with Samsung fridge design flaws) . Both technicians were very knowledgeable, and didnt try to upsell me, and were just really nice guys!!! Their service call fees are very reasonable, too! 

Laurie M in Calgary
SAMSUNG fridge issues

I contacted Techvill company when my fridge stoped working. The technician Boris helped to bring it back to life fast and was very polite. Will use this company again and will recommend to all my friends. 

Alex Sazanovitch in Calgary
Samsung Fridge Repair

A few months ago my fridge stopped working. Andrii came out and diagnosed the problem however the part needed was out of stock. He managed to get the ice off the fan and my fridge worked again for about 3 months. Yesterday, my fridge had died and I called Techville to ask about the part required. Carrie was amazing, she had sent multiple emails on my behalf and yesterday she emailed Samsung and they had the part in stock. I requested that Andrii complete the work (as he had been fantastic during the first service appointment and he was honest and knowledgeable). He arrived this morning and 90 minutes later my fridge was once again working. I initially didn’t know who to call but Andrii and Carrie did outstanding work and I would refer them to anyone looking for quick, quality, knowledgeable and professional work. Absolutely outstanding. Thank you. 

Outstanding Service in Calgary
Fridge repair

The best service anyone can have!
My Samsung fridge had a water leak in the fridge compartment behind the crisper which would freeze into a ball of ice. From calling Techvill the service from the receptionist Terry, to the technician , Junhee, was exceptional, polite and helpful. Immediate service with an appointment for the next day. Junhee arrived, knew exactly what the problem was and fixed it immediately, didn’t have to make another appointment to come back. He advised that if this starts to leak again he’d have to replace another component and he now has the information to order the part so I would not have to pay for another assessment callback. I would definitely recommend this company. 

Private User in Calgary
Fridge repair

Incredibly fast, painless and got my fridge working with no drama. Definitely would recommend to others. 

meagan.ellwood in Calgary
Fridge repair

Quick response. Great Service Sent Technician same day and was able to repair after a quick diagnostic. Natan was very good at explaining the issues, walking through the repairs and took great care. Thank you 

Andrea in Calgary
Service - Fridge Repair

Alan the Journeyman was very efficient and technically skilled. Great job done. Highly recommended to anyone who might need their services. 

Private User in Calgary
Refrigerator repairs

My fridge stopped working. TechVill Appliance repair came up the same day I called and got my fridge worked again. It was a huge relief because I had a lot of food in my fridge.I found some advantages of working with TechVill Appliance: * Reasonable prices * Speed. A technician was working pretty fast to save my money * Professionalism. A technician was honest and explained which parts should be replaced and which should NOT be to save money * Accuracy. A technician was so accurate and there was no damage on the floor after his fridge repair. If I have another appliance problem, I will call the guys again. 

Alla A. in Calgary
Fridge repair

Our tech was very knowledgeable, thorough and worked hard to find a solution to a difficult electrical problem with our fridge. Our interactions were very professional and I am very happy with the results. 

Private User in Calgary
Fridge repair

Very pleasant to deal with Vida, she made an appointment for me (at my convenience). Boris showed up on time, diagnosed the problem & then found the only part for it in the city. Two days later, all fixed. Superb service. 

tim.J in Calgary
Fridge repair

We are very satisfied with work done and felt the tech was very thorough and honest about the repairs done. 

darlene.graham in Calgary
Refrigeration repair

Liked that you guys could make it out same-day, and super reasonably priced. The tech who responded was great and answered all of my questions. Will absolutely be coming back and have already recommended. 

Kerry in Calgary
Fridge repair

Freezer was icing up due to a plugged drain. I called in the morning – the lady on the other end of the phone was very nice and the tech showed up in the afternoon. The tech was punctual. He explained the cause of the problem and fixed the issue. Great work. 

Linda in Calgary
Fridge/freezer repair

Customer Reviews

I was very happy with the service provided by Techvill. My fridge quit and they were able to send a tech over that day. Unfortunately a part was needed but he came back the next morning and had it installed in no time. The charge was reasonable.
Would definitely recommend Techvill ! 

Terry Livermore in Calgary
Fridge repair

“TechVill Appliance is the best. They were very proactive in getting a technician booked to repair our Frigidaire fridge. We very much appreciated the expertise Boris provided in getting us up and running. High recommended.” 

Terri Vidricaire in Calgary
Fridge repair

I’m a repeat customer of Techvill and they have always provided top-value customer service, diagnostics, and repairs and remediation.
Most recently, our Frigidaire fridge broke down and Boris (the technician) was able to thoroughly examine the appliance, communicate what was wrong and then fix it.
In addition to their technicians, their customer service and scheduling staff have always been pleasant, accommodating and genuine in their approach. Nobody ever wants to have their appliances break but if they do you should call Techvill. 

Graham Petz in Calgary
Fridge repair

Called TechVill and was able to have a technician the next day for refrigerator. He was very helpful and pleasant. He gave me some advice on my older fridge and was very transparent about my options. Much appreciated wouldn’t hesitate to call again. 

Randy Smith in Calgary
Fridge repair

My refrigerator’s ice maker was not working and I contacted Techvill, they came and told me the ice maker is faulty and have to replace it. They placed the order and called me once they received the part. Came in on time, efficient and quick in responding. The technician was knowledgeable as well. They know what they are doing. I am happy with their service. 

Sunayana mehra in Calgary
Fridge repair

Boris came to fix our wolf oven and did amazing job. As well, he showed me how to clean the condenser of our sub zero fridge. Both appliances are 10 Years old and thanks to techville they will be around alot longer. Oven was diagnosed and fixed within a week. Everyone was so friendly and professional. I will not hesitate to ever use them again!!!! Thanks so much! 

Adele borden in Calgary
Fridge repair

Extremely satisfied with their service. Called at 2pm and they gave me same day service, and it wasn’t even an emergency. The technician arrived just before 5pm and didn’t leave until he had diagnosed and resolved the leak in our Samsung built in fridge. It was almost 8pm. Very thorough!! 

Jane Howe in Calgary
Fridge repair

Used Techville when our 10 year old fridge had a breakdown. Some initial bumps due to lack of communication regarding ordering of replacement parts but Vida who heads customer service was very responsive and got it back on track. The Sevice technician; Won, was excellent to work with and I would highly recommend him. 

Dale Chow in Calgary
Fridge repair

We had great service from John repairing a frozen line on our 20 plus year old Viking fridge. On time, polite and professional. He also checked into getting replacement parts from Viking for a broken drawer and problematic door hinge (respectively incredibly expensive & unavailable but not Techvill’s fault) and reported back to me right away. We’ve used Techvill for our other Viking appliances and have always had a good experience. 

Donna Cathery in Calgary
Fridge repair

Evan was so helpful and repaired our fridge quickly and efficiently. Great service, thank you! 

Julie B in Calgary
Fridge repair

Both times that TechVill came was to repair the refrigerator in our kitchen and the one in the suite downstairs. I really like the way they do business. They are quick to respond, let you know right up front what the cost will be (plus any parts required); the technician phones to let you know he is on the way. All round totally positive experiences. 

Denise Hill in Calgary
Fridge repair

Won came to my house on time, as scheduled . He clearly explained the problem with our Frigidaire side-by-side. I would use TechVill again. 

Peter McIntyre in Calgary
Fridge repair

Friendly efficient service, and the broken water dispenser on the front door of our refrigerator is working again! Highly reccommend. 

William MacLachlan in Calgary
Fridge repair

I didn’t end up using Techvill at this time, only because Garrek was a terrific advisor over the phone and basically straight up told me that he could fix my problem but other problems would soon appear (because of the model and manufacturer of my fridge, a notorious appliance for breaking down in their experience). So it would have been good money after bad.They could have said nothing and taken the repair money now and later, but were instead transparent and professional. When we do need a repair Techvill will be the first place we call. Thank you! 

Brad M in Calgary
Fridge repair

Boris managed to rebuild our really old Frigidaire refrigerator. Instead of saying it was too old to repair he modified a newer fan motor to fit.Saved an old but still working appliance. 

BRUCE GUEST in Calgary
Fridge repair

Alan did a great job diagnosing and fixing my fridge leak, thanks again! 

Jamie in Calgary
Fridge repair

Wan did a super job sorting our my ongoing challenges with our Samsung refrigerator. Nice man. Very capable. Wonderful service. 

Ross Weaver in Calgary
Fridge repair

I phoned TechVille because my fridge was making a very strange humming noise on a regular basis. I was super impressed that they could come to my place the same day and Alan (the technician that showed up) was very honest – basically my fridge was not worth repairing b/c it was so old and the part was going to be expensive. I really appreciated the honesty. 

Sarah House in Calgary
Fridge repair

We had been experiencing a condensation issue leading to a buildup of ice under the freezer drawer in our LG fridge (freezer on bottom). Alan analyzed the situation and provided options and associated costs to me. He was very professional as he worked though the potential problem sources. He answered all my questions to help me understand the potential problem sources. He was very courteous and attentive to protecting our hardwood floors. One day after the service call, I believe the problem has been resolved. I would use Techvill (and Alan) again, and would recommend to others for refrigerator repair. 

Stephen Lemp in Calgary
Fridge repair

My refrigerator had completely iced up (really poor design) and caused the fan to burn out. The ease of booking the appointment on line and was followed up with by an email was great. The technician that came out was friendly and helpful. Did not mind at all that I watched him. It is difficult to trust repairs out there, and watching this team work was good. The part was carried in house by them so I was up and running within 6 hours. 

Simballa Talu in Calgary
Fridge repair

I have an older Fridge/Freezer combo appliance which was reading a temperature of 9 on the fridge part and the alarm kept going off. I called Techvill and the lady on the phone was very professional and very understanding was able to get John out within 3 hours of when I called. John was very nice, friendly, and was able to find the problem and went and got the part and was very patient in answering my questions. Our fridge is back working again, thank you John for making this a easy process. 

Brenda Carmichael in Calgary
Fridge repair

I have a 40-year old Amana model SR25E-L refrigerator that worked flawlessly until a few days ago when the condenser cooling fan started stalling periodically and it wouldn’t cool properly. I determined the faulty part, bought it, and called/emailed a few appliance repairs shops in Calgary to find someone to install the part. No response except from TechVill. Boris replaced it for me. Prompt service at a reasonable price. I highly recommend TechVill. 

Bill Fischer in Calgary
Fridge repair

TechVill was able to come out on a Friday (same day) when I noticed our fridge had failed again. Garrik got it running in limp-along mode, giving us time to shop around for a replacement. He knew that this particular KitchenAid model (only 6 years old) was plagued with problems and it would be better to replace it than spend tons of money trying to fix all the failing parts time after time. Highly recommend. 

McAuley Family in Calgary
Fridge repair

My Samsung french door refrigerator had a common design flaw, having ice build up around the fan, and for which I had problems finding a repair company who KNEW what this was all about. Garrik called me to discuss even before he came over. He knew about this problem, which I’d googled and seen all sorts of unhappy Samsung customers and lots of jury-rigged solutions, and I also told him that one repair company came and tried to re-set from the front panel, unsuccessfully. Garrik diverted to Reliable parts, got a new back panel with upgraded insulation, and also insulated some of the wires and leads in the back of the fridge from the evaporator coils which freeze up. He was very knowledgeable and kept me informed as to each step. Didn’t try to OVERSELL me for other parts. He also dropped in the next day to measure and ensure everything was working fine. I was VERY impressed and also very grateful to finally have this stupid fridge repaired after a year and a half of having to let it sit overnight for 24 hours every 3 weeks to defrost. THANKYOU!! 

Laurie MacLean in Calgary
Fridge repair

Very happy with service. Called in the morning, tech arrived within given window of time. Diagnosed the problem with the fridge and had it fixed in about an hour. Garrick was friendly and professional. 

Curtis in Calgary
Fridge repair

My fridge had LED strobing lights issue for some time. I read the reviews on TechVill Appliance Repair Ltd.’s services and decided to give it a shot. I called to get a quote and schedule a service. Their diagnostics quote is $69, which is way cheaper than other big companies, such as Home Depot, etc. A very knowledgeable person Garrik answered all my questions and booked the technician in the time slot that was convenient for my tenants. After the inspection, I received a recommendation that the fridge had issues with its main board as well and I was recommended to buy a new fridge instead of doing a costly repair. It was hard to arrange getting a new fridge when I was out of the city, hence, I decided to go with the repairs. I decided to order the fridge part myself and asked if TechVill would be able to install it. They kindly agreed, provided the feedback on the part if it fit my fridge and fixed the fridge for a very affordable price. I am very happy with their service that exceeded all my expectations. I would highly recommend using their services. 

Feruza Sharipova in Calgary
Fridge repair

Very good service and reasonable service charge. We called for refrigerator service. 

Tanvir Khan in Calgary
Fridge repair

TechVill came to my home today to diagnose my Washer, Dryer & Fridge. Everything was explained, with each appliance, as well as cost to repair. My dryer was repaired very quickly and for a great price. Exceptional service and extremely fair prices. Excellent customer service, quick and honest! I highly recommend TechVill ! 

Amber Pendergast in Calgary
Fridge repair

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