Shawnessy Appliance Repair

Shawnessy Appliance Repair

We make it easy for you to get the appliance service you need, repairing all makes and models. No job is too big or too small for our team!

For many years, TechVill Appliance Repairs has been servicing Calgary with repairs of fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, dryers and much, much more.

If you have any questions about our service and how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Shawnessy Appliance Repair staff and they will guide you through the repair process.

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  • Dryer Repair Shawnessy

  • Fridge Repair Shawnessy

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  • Oven Repair Shawnessy

  • Stove Repair Shawnessy

  • Dishwasher Repair Shawnessy

Shawnessy Washer Repair

When it comes to offering our expertise in Shawnessy washer repair, at TechVill we believe in repairing only what shouldn’t be replaced. Our experts are not sales people that like to have home and business owners buy new appliances just so we can “make a sale!”

TechVill technicians specializing in Shawnessy washer repair will ensure that if your washing machine can be restored back to life with repairs – they’ll ensure that’s exactly what happens.

Shawnessy Dryer Repair

Is your clothes dryer not performing like it used to? Get the experts at TechVill to have a look at what might be causing your tumble / clothes dryer not doing it’s job anymore.

Unlike other clothes Shawnessy dryer repair places, TechVill don’t have complicated fees and charges. We charge a simple and upfront rate. If your clothes dryer needs parts for repair, we’ll quote you on the options and when the technician returns, further fees with only be charged for the parts.

Shawnessy Fridge Repair

  • On-site troubleshooting and repairs
  • The benefit of highly trained Shawnessy fridge repair technicians
  • A large team of Shawnessy fridge repair specialists
  • Repair and service to old and new fridges
  • The ability to source the most appropriate parts for your particular make/model
  • Shawnessy Fridge repairs at affordable prices
  • Our guarantee on all of our repairs
  • To honor manufacturer’s warranty on all replacement parts

Shawnessy Oven Repair

From time to time these appliances will need attention due to wear and tear of components which could render the appliances unsafe or inoperable. By using our company you can rest assured of a fully trained Shawnessy oven repair technician to repair any issues that may arise. Typical issues range from faulty elements, doors not closing properly or not cooking to your satisfaction.

Shawnessy oven repair, Shawnessy fridge repair


Shawnessy Stove Repair

Whether it's your stove not heating, not at the correct temperature, the door not sealing, TechVill Shwanessy Stove Repair Specialist have the skills and experience to get your appliance back to top condition.

In a majority of cases it is cheaper to repair your stove than to replace them. Contact us today to get an advice on your Shawnessy Stove repair.

Shawnessy Cooktop Repair

Shawnessy cooktop repair must be carried out by a qualified licensed technician.

With over 20 years experience in most major brands, we carry an extensive range of elements and common switches to enable a speedy resolution of the problem.

We also can help with the replacement of your electric cooktop. We can install the your new cooktop. Please contact us to arrange a free quote if you are renovating your kitchen or just upgrading the appliance.


Shawnessy Dishwasher Repair

When it comes to repairing your dishwasher, don’t trust it with any other service person. Call the professionals.

No other organization offering services for Shawnessy dishwasher repair has the type of team like we do, here at TechVill. Our technicians:

  • Are seasoned professionals that have been in the industry for many years
  • Have the skill to quickly diagnose and repair a vast range of dishwasher problems
  • Have been performing Shawnessy dishwasher repair on some of the most renowned dishwashers makes and models

But we don’t just rely on their past experience and skills to service our clients. At TechVill, we strive to acquire the latest knowledge and training about newer dishwashers and associated technologies.


Shawnessy appliance repair, Shawnessy cooktop repair

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