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Common Samsung Dryer Error Codes and How to Troubleshoot Them 


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If you own a Samsung dryer, you might have come across error codes on your display at some point. 

These codes can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you don’t know what they mean or how to fix them. 

In this article, we will guide you through the most common error codes on Samsung dryers and provide troubleshooting steps to help you resolve these issues.

The Most Common Issues

In dealing with Samsung dryer error codes, a spectrum of issues may arise, categorized into voltage-related, button-related, door-related, temperature-related, heating-related, communication-related, or frequency-related errors.  

  • Voltage-related errors can stem from power supply irregularities, affecting the dryer’s performance. 
  • Button-related issues may involve malfunctions in the control panel, hindering seamless operation. 
  • Door-related errors could be attributed to faulty latches or sensor problems, impacting the unit’s ability to start. 
  • Temperature-related errors may indicate problems with the thermostat or thermal fuses, affecting the drying process. 
  • Heating-related errors often point to faults in the heating element or gas valve assembly. 
  • Communication-related errors involve disruptions in the information exchange between internal components, while frequency-related errors may suggest irregularities in the power source. 

Understanding these common issues is essential for effective troubleshooting and resolving Samsung dryer error codes.

Understanding of The Most Common Samsung Dryer Error Codes

Let’s delve into the main reasons behind each of these dryer error code and discover how to troubleshoot them successfully.

Voltage Problem: error codes (9C1, 9E, 2E, 9E1)

Voltage-related error codes on your Samsung dryer is one of the most frequent reasons and can indicate issues with the power supply or electrical connections. 

If you encounter any of these error codes, it is recommended to unplug your dryer and check the power cord, outlet, and electrical connections. 

Ensure that the power supply is stable, and the connections are secure. You may also want to consider checking the circuit breaker or fuse box to ensure that there are no electrical issues.

Button Problem: error codes (bE, bE2, bC2, 6E, 6E2, 6C2)

Button-related error codes typically indicate problems with the control panel or buttons on your Samsung dryer. 

To troubleshoot these errors, try pressing the affected buttons firmly to ensure that they are not stuck or damaged. 

You can also try resetting the control panel by unplugging the dryer for a few minutes and plugging it back in. 

If the button errors persist, it might be necessary to replace the control panel or contact a professional for further assistance.

Door Problem: error codes (dC, dE, dF, do, d0, 1 DC, 1 dF)

When you encounter door-related error codes, it generally means that there is an issue with the door or its components. 

Start by checking if the door is properly closed and latched. Make sure there are no obstructions preventing the door from closing fully. 

If the error codes persist, it is recommended to inspect the door switch and door lock for any damages or defects. 

Replacing these components might be necessary to resolve the issue.

Temperature Problem: error codes (tS, t5, tC, tO, t0, tE, tE3, tC5, tCS, 1 tC, 1tC5, 1tCS)

Temperature-related errors on your Samsung dryer can indicate problems with the heating system. These errors could be caused by issues such as a faulty temperature sensor, heating element, or control board. 

To troubleshoot these errors, check if the venting system is clear of any obstructions and ensure that the airflow is not restricted. 

You might also want to inspect the heating element, temperature sensor, and control board for any damages. If these components are defective, replacement will likely be necessary.

Heating Problem: error codes (HC, hE, HC4, 1 HC)

If you encounter heating error codes, it means that there is an issue with the heating element or temperature control. 

Start by checking if the heating element is properly connected and in good condition. Inspect the temperature control settings to ensure they are set correctly. 

If the error codes persist, it might be necessary to replace the heating element or contact a professional for assistance.

Communication Problem: error codes (AC, Et, AE, EEE, AE4, AE3, AE5, E3, 1 AC)

Communication errors on your Samsung dryer can indicate problems with the control board or communication between components. 

To troubleshoot these errors, try resetting the dryer by unplugging it for a few minutes and plugging it back in. Ensure that all connections are secure and properly seated. 

If the error codes continue to appear, it is recommended to replace the control board or contact a professional for further assistance.

Frequency Problem: error codes (FC, FE, 1 FC)

Frequency-related error codes typically indicate issues with the power supply or electrical frequency. This could be caused by electrical fluctuations or disturbances. 

If you encounter these frequency errors, try resetting the dryer by unplugging it for a few minutes and plugging it back in. 

If the error codes persist, it is recommended to contact a professional electrician to inspect the electrical supply and resolve any issues.

Other error codes to look out for

In addition to the specific error codes mentioned above, there are several other error codes that you might come across on your Samsung dryer. 

These error codes can indicate various issues such as airflow malfunction, motor issues, or even problems with specific dryer cycle. 

It is important to refer to your dryer’s user manual for a complete list of error codes and their meanings. 

If you are still unsure about the cause or solution for a particular error code, it is best to contact a professional technician for assistance.

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FAQs on Samsung Dryer Error Codes

Samsung dryers come equipped with a variety of symbols on their control panels, each representing specific functions or features. 

Common symbols include those indicating different drying cycles, temperature settings, and additional options like wrinkle prevention. 

Refer to your dryer’s user manual for a comprehensive guide to understand the meaning and usage of these symbols, ensuring optimal utilization of your Samsung dryer’s capabilities.

One of the most common issues with Samsung dryers is a malfunctioning thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is a safety feature that trips if the dryer overheats, preventing potential fire hazards. 

If your dryer suddenly stops heating, the thermal fuse might be the culprit, and replacing it is a common solution to restore normal functionality. 

However, it’s essential to troubleshoot and identify the specific cause of the thermal fuse failure to prevent recurring issues.

If your Samsung dryer is displaying error codes related to the filter, it typically indicates a problem with the lint filter or the air exhaust system. 

Begin by checking the lint filter, ensuring there is no blockage. Additionally, inspect the exhaust vent for any obstructions, and ensure it is properly connected. 

Clearing these areas of debris should resolve the filter-related error codes. If the issue persists, reset the dryer to its default settings or checking if it’s in a specific mode that might be causing the error. 

Taking these steps should help ensure your dryer operates efficiently. 

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