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Troubleshooting LG Washing Machine Error Codes: Meaning and Solutions


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When it comes to troubleshooting your LG washing machine, error codes can provide valuable information about the issues you may be facing.

These error codes are displayed on the machine’s control panel and help identify the specific problem.

Understanding LG error codes can save you time and money by allowing you to diagnose and potentially fix the issue on your own.

Every LG washing machine comes with a different set of error codes, but there are some common ones that you are likely to encounter.

It’s essential to understand what these error codes mean and the steps you can take to resolve them. 

The Most Frequent Reasons Why You Might Get an Error

The most common reasons for encountering errors on your LG washing machine include issues with the water supply, problems with the door or door lock mechanism, unbalanced loads causing the drum to be off balance, and malfunctions in the drain pump or drainage system.

Additionally, using the wrong type or excessive amount of detergent, electrical issues, and sensor or control board problems can contribute to error occurrences.

Regular maintenance, proper loading of the machine, and prompt addressing of any issues can help minimize the likelihood of errors and ensure optimal performance from your LG washing machine.

Common LG Error Codes and Their Fixes

  1. UE or E1: This error code indicates that the load in the machine is unbalanced. To resolve this issue, redistribute the items in the drum or remove some items to achieve proper balance. Restart the machine, and the error should clear.
  2. OE or E2: This error code means that there is a drain problem. Check for clogs in the drain hose and make sure the drain pump is working correctly. Clean the filter if necessary. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the drain pump.
  3. DE or DE1: This error code indicates a problem with the door lock. The solution is to check if the door is closed properly, and if not, close it firmly. If the error continues, you may need to replace the door lock assembly.
  4. PE or E5: This error code suggests a water pressure problem. Check the water inlet valve and make sure it is fully open. This could be due to a faulty sensor or a wiring issue. It is recommended to contact a professional technician to diagnose and resolve the issue.
  5. LE or E6: When the LE error code displays, it suggests a problem with the motor or motor control board. Check for any obstructions or tangles in the drum that may be preventing the motor from spinning. Turn off the machine and unplug it for a few minutes. Then, restart it to see if the error persists. If it does, professional assistance may be required to diagnose and fix the motor issue.
  6. IE or E7: This error code indicates a water inlet problem. Check that the water supply is turned on and that the inlet hoses are not kinked or blocked. Inspect the water inlet valves for any clogs or damage. If needed, replace the water inlet valve.
  7. CD: Error Code CD on your appliance is not an actual error but a notification indicating the cooling-down phase post the drying cycle. If your machine is operating correctly, no immediate action is required, and the code should resolve itself after completing the cycle.
  8. tCL: The tCL error code is a reminder to initiate the clean tub cycle, signaling the accumulation of detergent and residues in the washer tub, potentially affecting your laundry. The area of concern is primarily the washing machine tub. To address this issue independently, start by emptying the tub, adding bleach to the detergent dispenser, and selecting the clean cycle.

Additional LG Error Codes and Troubleshooting Steps

Apart from the common error codes mentioned above, there are several other error codes that you may encounter with your LG washing machine. Here are a few additional error codes and the troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. FE or E3: This error code means there is too much water in the machine. Check the water level sensor and ensure it is functioning correctly. Check if the water inlet valve is stuck open or if there is a problem with the pressure switch. If necessary, replace the sensor.
  2. PF or F1: This error code indicates a power failure. Check the power supply to the machine, including the outlet and circuit breaker. A simple reset can usually fix this. Turn it off for 10 seconds and check if the code has disappeared.
  3. tE or tE1: This error code means there is a problem with the temperature sensor. Check the sensor connections and make sure they are secure. Replace the sensor if necessary.
  4. CE or E8: This error code indicates a problem with the motor encoder. Ensure that the connections are secure, reset the washing machine and if the problem still persists, call our technician to replace the motor encoder.
  5. CI: The LG washing machine error code “Cl” indicates that the child safety lock feature is activated. To clear this code, press and hold the child lock button until it unlocks. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, perform a reset by turning off the appliance and waiting for 10 seconds before turning it back on. Verify if the error code persists after the reset.

Tips to Prevent Error Codes in Your LG Washing Machine

While error codes can be helpful in diagnosing and fixing issues with your LG washing machine, it’s always better to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Here are some tips to help prevent error codes in your LG washing machine:

  • Do not overload the machine. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for load capacity to avoid unbalanced loads.
  • Use the appropriate amount of detergent. Too much or too little detergent can lead to problems.
  • Clean the lint filter regularly to prevent clogs and drainage issues.
  • Inspect and clean the drain pump filter periodically to ensure proper functioning.
  • Check the water inlet hoses for any damage or leaks.
  • Avoid using excessive force when closing the door. Handle it gently to prevent damage to the door lock mechanism.

By following these preventive measures, you can minimize the risk of encountering error codes and extend the life of your LG washing machine. But if you can not manage some of these problems, it’s always a good idea to call TechVill Appliance Repair and ask for professional help!

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For replacement parts for LG washing machines, it’s advisable to turn to professionals. We work exclusively with official suppliers, providing original parts and ensuring high-quality service. Instead of searching on your own, trust TechVill to handle your orders, guaranteeing that you receive top-notch service and genuine components for your LG washing machine. 

If you need assistance decoding LG washing machine error codes, you can refer to the article above, which provides a comprehensive list of all possible errors along with a detailed guide on how to troubleshoot and fix them independently. However, if you follow the steps outlined in the article and the error persists, feel free to give us a call, and our technicians will help resolve your issue. 

  • Turn on the washing machine.
  • Look for the display panel where the error codes are typically shown.
  • When an error occurs, an alphanumeric code will appear on the display.
  • Note down or remember the code, as it will help in identifying the specific issue.
  • Refer to the user manual or the decoding guide provided by LG to understand the meaning of the error code and take appropriate action.

The location of the display panel may vary depending on the model of your LG washing machine.

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