How to choose the fridge

How to choose the fridge? This question is the most popular among homeowners when I deliver the bad news to them – your fridge is broken, it is not worth fixing and now you need to pick a new refrigerator. So I have decided to film this video and help those who are in the process of choosing a good fridge. What is the difference between the fridges with french doors vs side by side fridge? What is the advantage of a french door fridge vs a freezer on the top fridge? If I have a big family, should I buy a french door or side by side fridge? If it is just two of us should we go with french doors or a freezer on the top fridge? Is it a huge deal if I buy side-by-side or freezer on top fridge? All those questions are very reasonable and crucial when you are asking yourself how to pick a new fridge. Here is my advice If your budget is tight go with a freezer on the top fridge. Freezer on top vs french doors fridge maybe not so convenient however if you buy that for rental property you can save a few hundred bucks here. If you are looking for a roomy and relatable fridge french door vs side by side fridge will be the top choice.

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