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The Fridge Must Be Closed

Frigidaire fridge inspection in the new home is a very important thing that you should do by yourself when you are moving into your new home. You don’t want your fridge to go off all of a sudden and you can reduce the chances of that by doing a simple fridge inspection that we are showing in this video. Usually during the home inspection appliances are overlooked. Home inspectors do some basic checks but it is often not enough to identify any issue with the appliance. In this video we are using a Frigidaire fridge for this fridge check-up in the home that was just sold as an example but it applies to any fridge or any make. Refrigerator inspection in your new home is a few simple steps process #1 – check the temperature inside the fridge compartment using a simple thermostat #2 – check if the door gaskets are not worn #3 – check if there is ice build-up inside the freezer compartment #4 – check the water dispenser and the ice-maker, if you have ones Please let us know in the comments how your refrigerator check-up went and what did you find. If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments and we will answer all of them.



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