LG washer door seal gasket leaked?

When LG washer door seal gasket leaked it is terrible news for the homeowner. Usually, you notice a small amount of water underneath the washing machine. And then if you inspect the door area closely you can notice the washer door seal cut or maybe even washer door seal hole. Sometimes it is hard to notice that anything is wrong with your LG washer and you stay wondered why the LG washer rubber seal leaks. In fact, the LG washer door seal leak is a common issue. Any washer door seal gasket can leak. Typically the root cause of the hole in the door seal gasket is some small piece of metal or plastic that got into the washer. Or simply over time washer rubber seal can get a cut as any other rubber material and start leaking. Watch this video to get the issue with the leaking LG washer door seal gasket explained.

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