Kenmore washer won’t start

Kenmore washer won’t start

Kenmore washer won’t start the cycle and you need to tape the door to get the washer running. That is exactly the situation we have found at one of our clients’ laundry room – Kenmore washer doesn’t start the cycle when you press Start button. This issue when the washing machine doesn’t start the cycle but if you push the door harder or just hold it it will go as normal is very typical for any washer. The root cause of the issue when the washer won’t start the cycle is the door lock. The door lock failure is caused by putting constant pressure on the door by opening it and closing it. So it is just a matter of time when the door lock is going to fail. If you are gentle with the washer’s door the door lock may last 8-10 or even 15 years. But if you slam the door every time the door lock will last 5-7 years or even less. So if your washer won’t start the cycle but will go normal when you push the door it is door lock failure and washer door lock repair is required. Or in most cases washer door lock replacement is needed.


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