Is it worth fixing the old Amana fridge?

Is it worth fixing the old Amana fridge? It was the question of one of our clients just recently when she called in. Her Amana fridge is about 15-20 years old. And she was debating – throw away the old fridge or fix it. This is a very valid question that every homeowner will ask himself when he sees ice building up in his Amana fridge. Everyone will be thinking – should I dump the old fridge or fix it. In this video, we give advice on this particular matter – buy a new fridge or fix the old one. In the case of our client who was not sure – is it worth fixing the old fridge? – she has decided to go ahead and fix the old Amana fridge. And it will pay off. The repair was minor. The main part in the fridge – compressor – is working just fine. The old fridge doesn’t mean a bad fridge. So when you see ice building up in an old fridge and you start asking yourself – Should I fix an old fridge – let your appliance repair company check it first. If the compressor is fine then your old Amana fridge will work just fine for another 5-10-15 years.



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