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How to choose the washing machine?

How to choose the washing machine? This question is the most popular among homeowners when I deliver the bad news to them – your washer is at the end of the life cycle and it is not worth fixing. Now you need to pick a new washing machine. So I have decided to shoot this video and help those who are in the process of choosing a good washing machine. What is the difference between the top load and front load washing machines? What is the advantage of a top load washing machine? What is the disadvantage of a front load washing machine? If I have a big family, should I buy a top load machine or front load washing machine? If it is just the two of us, should we go with a top load washer or front load washer? All those questions are very reasonable and crucial when you are asking yourself how to pick a new washing machine. Here is my advice If your budget is tight go with the top load. You will spend less and it is more reliable than the front load. If you are looking for a user-friendly appliance with high-quality washing then choose a front load washer.

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