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Glamorgan Appliance Repair

Fridges and cookers and washers, oh my! We’re all so used to modern conveniences that we don’t really notice how much we rely on appliances until they’re not doing what they’re supposed to. When your appliances are out of order, we’re your go to for Glamorgan appliance repair in Calgary!

With fast, friendly and highly trained technicians, a huge stock of all the most commonly used parts from popular brands, and fast, on site repair services, you can’t go wrong when you choose our team!

So, whether you just need a tune up for a newer appliance, or a more complicated repair of an older one, contact us for all your Glamorgan appliance repair needs in Calgary.



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Glamorgan Stove Repair

Does your stove not get hot enough? Too hot? Is the door a little tricky, or do you have a warming drawer that doesn’t warm? Whatever your stove problems are, our Glamorgan stove repair team can help!

Reach out online or by phone and tell us how we can help. We offer fast, free, and honest quotes, speedy on-site repairs, and only the best brand name parts and components.

Glamorgan Cooktop Repair

If your cooktop is more top and less cook, it’s time to call our Glamorgan cooktop repair specialists!

Our team repairs old and new cooktops with solid, spiral or glass tops. We fix thermostat problems, electrical faults and more, and we’ll get your cooktop working again fast. Contact us to book an on-site repair and put the cook back in your cooktop!

Glamorgan Dryer Repair

Dryers are complex pieces of machinery that are critical in Canadian homes. Not that most of us notice them until they’re not doing their job!

Whether your dryer has stopped heating up, stopped working altogether, or something else, our highly skilled technicians can find the problem, and recommend the best way to fix it. Our Glamorgan dryer repair team works on GE, Jenn-Air, Frigidaire, Samsung, KitchenAid, and Electrolux dryers of all types, as well as many other popular brands.

If we can diagnose the problem with your dryer over the phone or by email, we’ll make sure your technician arrives equipped for an on the spot repair. Or, if it’s a little more complicated, they’ll take a closer look, diagnose the problem, and arrange another time to make the repair.

Whatever the case, we make sure that you never have to deal with mountains of damp, dirty clothes! A click or a call is all it takes to set up an appointment that suits you!


Glamorgan Washer Repair

Do you have a washer that leaks, clangs, or smells funny? Has it stopped spinning, or does it leave your clothes full or soap (or not washed at all?) Drums, belts, hoses, electrical and more. Our team of Glamorgan washer repair specialists will find the problem and get your washer purring along again in no time.

Old, new, or somewhere in between. If your washing machine needs to be repaired, our team is happy to help!

Glamorgan oven repair, Glamorgan fridge repair


Glamorgan Oven Repair

Even the best ovens sometimes need a little help, and it can happen quite unexpectedly. One day you’re baking up a storm, and the next, things just aren’t working.

Ovens are complex pieces of equipment with all kinds of moving parts and electrical components. It’s why our team of technicians has so much manufacturer training from the world’s best oven manufacturers.

That means that when we arrive for your oven repair appointment, we’ll know how to find the fault fast, fix it with quality parts, and get you back to roasting and broiling in record time! therefore Glamorgan oven repair



Glamorgan Dishwasher Repair

Does your dishwasher leak, smell or make weird noises? Are your dishes never quite clean, or do cycles seem to be taking longer or shorter than they used to?

Whatever your dishwasher repair needs are, our Glamorgan dishwasher repair specialists are happy to help!

Contact us by phone or email. Tell us what brand and model dishwasher you have, and what the problem is. We’ll send a highly skilled technician to your home when it suits you, to confirm the problem and make the repair.

Glamorgan appliance repair in Calgary is fast, friendly, and experienced. We have trained technicians who get the job done fast, and we use only the best parts and equipment, so we get it done right too.

From small jobs to major faults, all needs are catered for to the highest of standards.

Glamorgan Fridge Repair

Is your main fridge cooling too much, or too little? Does your basement fridge never seem to get cold enough anymore? Got a plumbing problem, or is your fridge noticeably noisier? Whatever the problem, and whatever brand your fridge is, we’ve got you covered.

When you call us for your Glamorgan fridge repair, we’ll discuss the problem, find out what your fridge is going (or not doing), and how long it’s been a problem. We’ll ask you for the make and model, and a few other questions. Then we’ll schedule a time that works for you, to come to your home or office, and take a closer look at the problem.

We work hard to offer our customers same day repairs wherever possible, so when our trained fridge repair technicians arrive, they’ll bring their tools and spare parts along. In most cases, this will solve the problem, but if the problem’s a little more complex, they’ll use the time to diagnose the problem and give you a quote to fix it.

Whatever your fridge needs, we’ll go above and beyond to getting it running like new!

Glamorgan appliance repair, Glamorgan fridge repair

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