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Don’t Let a Broken Refrigerator Leave You Feeling Rotten

A broken or damaged refrigerator can be a serious food safety issue.  You can count on us to get your refrigerator fixed up and running right!

We can fix nearly any problem.

When you call, our friendly staff will talk through your appliance problem and see if it’s worth fixing or replacing. Often it is far cheaper and easier to fix. Furthermore, our team can even come out the same day in most cases.

Is it worth fixing the old Amana fridge?

Is it worth fixing the old Amana fridge? It was the question of one of our clients just recently when she called in. Her Amana fridge is about 15-20 years old. And she was debating – throw away the old fridge or fix it. This is a very valid question […]

How to choose the fridge

How to choose the fridge? This question is the most popular among homeowners when I deliver the bad news to them – your fridge is broken, it is not worth fixing and now you need to pick a new refrigerator. So I have decided to film this video and help […]

Replace Frigidaire water filter

Replace Frigidaire water filter – this is something each homeowner can to it. In this video, I’m showing how to replace the Frigidaire water filter step by step. We are showing the replacement of the Frigidaire Electrolux water filter but you can apply the same approach to the fridge of […]

All the Things That Commonly Break in Your Refrigerator

A broken refrigerator is a huge pain and can cause all sorts of problems including leaks and spoiled food. As a homeowner, it helps to have a solid understanding of how your refrigerator works, and what its basic components are just in case something goes wrong. The Parts of a […]